International daycare in Leiden:

At KDV De Toverboom every child is more than welcome! Our passionate teachers will do everything to make sure all children feel safe and happy. We think it’s very important that your child can develop at his/her own pace and level.

Activities at KDV De Toverboom:

We engage in a lot of activities with all children to stimulate their minds and mobilty. We have a vegetable garden where they learn how the vegetables grow and where they come from. Nature  and the environment is very important for us, which is why we use a lot of biological products and materials. We try to bring awareness to the kids by taking them to a glass container or a compost heap, the children hava a lot of fun doing this.


The meals that we serve are also biologically grown and raised. We’ve chosen to server biological food because these don’t have chemical ingredients. We try our best to make a balanced meal for the childeren every single day. The meals that we serve, are meals that we provide are home made.

What makes us so special?:

The children are our number one priority! Their individual development stands central at KDV De Toverboom. We know that every child is different and has different talents. This is something that we want to discover with your child, we love to help them develop their talent.


We have toys available that challenge your child. These toys are neutral, so for example there is a doll that looks neutral, so your child can deside if it’s happy or not. This way the child learns new emotions. Nor are emotions forced opon your child.


We help the children to connect with themselves and their surroundings so that they can trust themselves and others. We find this so important because it’s something that they will have to do in the future.


We look forward to helping you take care of your children at KDV De Toverboom

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